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  The Black & Minority Ethnic Students' Committee

Welcome to the website of the Black & Minority Ethnic Students' Committee at the University of Sheffield. We represent BME students, incorporating those of African, Midde-Eastern, Asian, Afro-Caribbean, Indigenous American and Indigenous South Pacific Islander descent.

We campaign to support the rights of BME students, to seek to eliminate racism and all forms of ignorance, discrimination, and prejudice; and to address issues of equality and representation at the university and in the wider community

The committee meets on a weekly basis in term time to discuss BME issues, our campaigns and events. As a committee our purpose is to work in the interests of the students we represent, and therefore there is no membership fee and getting involved is as simple as turning up to a meeting or forum, or getting in contact with us at bmesc@sheffield.ac.uk


BME Students' Committee | University of Sheffield Students' Union | 2013