'Don't Let Hate Divide Us': Our Solidarity Day Campaign

Friday, 31st May 2013 bore host to the BME Students' Committee's day of solidarity with Islamic students and peoples following the tragedy that occurred in Woolwich the previous week. This event was specifically regarding the Islamophobic and xenophobic backlash that ensued in the aftermath of Woolwich when organisations like the EDL attempted to hijack the tragedy for political gain and to further their religiously and racially intolerant causes.

The aim of the campaign was to both to remember the tragic death of Lee Rigdy, and to show solidarity with students who have felt the brunt of the Islamophobic backlash, to lend support to those in a time when some felt they couldn't even leave their own home in fear of reprisals for choosing to follow a particular faith.

The day itself was a huge success, and with the support of the other Liberation groups we showed that Islamophobia is unacceptable in our university and city, and that everyone has the right to feel safe and secure, regardless of gender, creed, ethnicity, sexuality, class, or any other socoial distinction.

See our photos from the event here: http://bit.ly/SolidarityDayPhotos, or here to see the Facebook event: http://bit.ly/SolidarityDayEvent. You can also see a slideshow of some of the photos below

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BME Students' Committee | University of Sheffield Students' Union | 2013