Black History Month

Join us in celebrating the largest Black History Month in Britain!

2014 is a very special year not only for the Committee but also for the Students’ Union as a whole. The year marks the 50th anniversary of Malcolm X’s visit to our Students’ Union. In May 2013, Dr Cornell West, the eminent African-American professor of philosophy, unveiled a portrait by Geo Law of Malcolm X to be hung in our Students’ Union. The hanging of the portrait during October will herald the start of the month long celebration of black and minority ethnic peoples’ achievements. October also ushers the opening of our Students’ Union Building.

The purpose of this month is not only to raise awareness of issues that are of incredible pertinence to BME people alone; but it is also being organised to educate, liberate and inform people of all backgrounds of achievements that ought to be celebrated, problems that ought to be corrected and hopes that ought to be realised. The month, organised around four themed weeks, will be attained in partnership with various establishments, committees and groups across the city. Our celebrations are divided into four themed weeks, and a list of events can be found by following the links below:

Intro Week: 4th October - 6th October

Arts Week: 7th October - 13th October

Women's Week: 14th October - 20th October

Education Week: 21st October - 27th October

Liberation Week: 27th October - 2nd November

Our logo for the Black History Month celebrations


BME Students' Committee | University of Sheffield Students' Union | 2013